Garden Ivy Care in Peckham SE15, South East London

Garden ivy maintenance in Peckham, SE15, we did for Jade at a property he is renting out.

Team: two gardeners

Time: 4 hours

Materials: no

Jade was looking for local and reliable gardeners in Peckham to maintain the garden of his tenants as it was not trimmed lately. He found our website and contacted us to quote him and give the place a really good tidy.

The main focus of the garden tidy-up service was to trim down and remove the ivy invading one of the house facades, the fence trellis and the shed's roof. Our landscape gardeners also had to remove all weeds growing between the pavement and get rid of generated from the service green waste.

The ivy care our team did for Jade was completed in four stages:

Stage 1. House facade ivy removal

Our team climbed a ladder and cut down all ivy growing on the house facade. It was essential to remove it as climbing plants keep house walls moistured. Wet walls can cause house damage which is dangerous for people living in and can be very expensive to repair.

Stage 2. Fence trellis and shed roof ivy removal

The garden shed was all covered with climbers, which our Peckham gardeners had to deal with and cut down. They also maintained and cleaned the ivy growing on top of the side fence trellis.

Stage 3. Weed treatment

After finishing the heavy ivy trimming, our team pulled out and cleared all weeds growing between the garden patio tiles.

Stage 4. Waste collection and recycle

Upon completion of the service, there was a significant volume of generated green clippings. Our garden technicians packed all waste in a ton bag and took it away with them to recycle.

Garden Ivy Care Service in Peckham Results

Jade's ivy pruning and removal were completed in four hours, and his tenants can now enjoy a weed-free and tidy garden. He was delighted with the results and how the place looked like after.

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