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What After Builders Cleaning in London is all about?

Our professional after builders cleaning in London is tailored to deal with all the dust and mess left after construction, renovation or remodeling work. We will send a team of experienced cleaners to the site along with the latest industrial-grade equipment and cleaning solutions to fully dust and sanitize the place.

This service is suitable for all manner of properties from small private homes to large building sites if you've been doing any of the following:

  • Kitchen remodeling;
  • Bathroom renovation;
  • Loft conversion;
  • Repaint your house/flat interior;
  • New extension.

Why Our Builders Clean Service Is So Effective?

Builders cleaning services we offer involves the use of top-notch industrial equipment such as high performing vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, tall ladders, pressure washers, and scrubbers.

Cleaning solutions our expert after builder cleaners use are more powerful than the ones you can purchase in local hypermarkets but not harmful to surfaces and furniture.

All of these combined with our state of the art technology and affordable builders clean prices makes our after builders cleaning in London a no brainer. 

What Does The Post Builders Cleaning Service Include?

Our thorough post construction cleaning services cover the following areas:

  • Deep cleaning, hoovering and mopping of all floors and stairs to remove dust, paint, and plaster;
  • Extensive cleaning and dusting of all doors, door frames, skirting boards;
  • Safe cleaning of all light switches and sockets;
  • Internal cleaning of all windows, sills, and frames;
  • Polishing of all woodwork and wooden surfaces;
  • Exceptional cleaning and polishing of all cupboards, fixtures, shelves tables, wardrobes, bedside tables, inside/outside and tops;
  • Thorough radiator cleaning;
  • Scrubbing, de-liming, and de-scaling of bathroom and kitchen tiles;
  • Sanitizing the toilet, deep cleaning of showers and shower doors, bathroom sink, mirrors. 

After Builders Cleaning Prices in London

Cleaning solutions

Price per hour

(includinding equipment and detergents)




Please note that the prices displayed are per hour per cleaner.

Why Choose Our Post Build Cleaning Service?

  • Professional after builders cleaning services in London you can trust;
  • Top-notch commercial quality equipment and state of the art cleaning methods;
  • Fully insured, experienced and vetted technicians;
  • Affordable rates and friendly attitude;
  • 7-day availability, even on Bank holidays;
  • Local and flexible;
  • Price includes all tools and equipment;
  • Proven builders clean services in South East, South West, and East London.