Expert Laminate Floor Installation in South East London

Choosing to invest in laminate floors is a long term investment in your home and your future. It is of utmost importance to select a high-quality laminate and also the best professional laminate floor installation services in South East London to ensure the quality and longevity of your floors.

As with every type of flooring, some certain specifics and methods must be noted and used during the fitting process. The first step would be the subfloor installation, followed by an elaborate and precise laminate board laying.

The skirting boards, wall fittings and any other necessary details must not get overlooked and installed professionally by laminate flooring contractors.

Laminate Floor Installation in South East London

This service can be time-consuming and easily underperformed without the necessary experience, tools and materials, so it is best to leave this to the professionals. 

Even if you are prepared to invest your time, energy and funds into this project unless you have already successfully fitted laminate flooring before it is recommended to call for expert help.

Our South East London floor fitters are experts in the field and:

  • Are fully equipped with the needed tools and equipment for the job;
  • Have more than five years of experience in laminate floor installation;
  • Upon completion of the service will clean after themselves and collect all the generated builders waste and recycle it.

What is Laminate Flooring and Why Should You Consider It?

Laminate floorboards are mainly made of wood particles fused together in several different layers. There are usually three to four layers, and each has a specific role in the durability of the finished product.

Laminate has grown to be a trendy alternative to hardwood floors, because:

  • You get the real wood looks and feeling for a much lower price;
  • It comes in a large variety of colours and styles and can simulate different textures;
  • It is incredibly durable and is often the best solution for high traffic areas or families with kids and pets;
  • It is easy to maintain.

Here is How Our Laminate Floor Installation Service in South East London Usually Goes:

1. Flooring Acclimatisation

Even though your laminate boards are sealed, all floorboards must spend some time in the room they are about to be installed so that they can get used to the temperature and moisture levels.

This process is called acclimatisation and can help prevent the boards from expanding after they get laid and damage the structure of the floors.

2. Subfloor preparation

After the laminate boards have acclimatised, the subfloor should get prepared for the fitting process. The base must be dry, even and stable.

Our South East London laminate floor installers will use SLC (self-levelling compound) if the base is concrete and needs levelling. For levelling wood subfloors, we will use plywood.

The final step would be to place the liquid damp proofing membrane, which helps with heat insulation and soundproofing.

3. Laminate floor installation

The installation will be done in one of two ways, depending on the type of laminate you have selected. A traditional method is the "Tongue and Groove", which allows two boards of laminate to be put together like pieces of a puzzle.

The "Click" method has been used in modern laminate production and basically allows two pieces to snap together, locking them securely in place.

4. Doors and Door frames trimming and adjusting

When the floor has installed the height of your floor will be raised slightly. If this is not for newly built homes and the doors and their frames have already been installed they may need a small trim to fit better. Our professionals will also carry out this service, making sure to achieve the desired result.

5. Adding accessories to match your new laminate flooring

Once the flooring is in place, the final step would be to install the appropriate skirting boards and beadings. To complement the look and feel of the room, you can choose from a wide variety of colours and styles available.

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