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Having high-quality parquet flooring installed in your home is a lifetime investment as natural wood never go out of style. Plus parquet blocks are elegant and stylish and lasts forever.

Choose our professional parquet fitting services in South East London and select the right style for you. Our floor layers have more than five years of experience installing the most popular patterns our there.

Our clients' most requested pattern styles are:

  • Herringbone;
  • Chevron;
  • Basket weave;
  • Mosaics;
  • Chantilly;
  • Versailles.

Best of all, the patters, as mentioned above, can get installed in both residential and commercial properties.

parquet floor fitting services South East London

Things You Need to Know for Your Parquet Flooring Project

There are various kinds of parquet blocks and a few types of wood material you can choose from.

Unlike before, when there were a great variety of wood options, nowadays the choice is a bit simpler. This is due to the fact that many of the trees used previously for parquet are now endangered or otherwise deemed unsuitable for flooring.

The most popular type of wood used now is either oak, ash, pine or walnut. And the thicker your parquet blocks – the longer the life of your flooring will be.

Block height can vary from 11 to 22 mm, and each block is usually about 70 mm in width. Their length depends on the size of the area that will be covered and the type of parquet arrangement.

Smaller areas usually look best with blocks between 230 and 280 mm in length, while bigger areas should have blocks with 350-450 mm length.

Modern home heating systems have also created the need for engineered parquet flooring, which allows floor heating installation under the woodblocks.

Engineered parquet floors are made from several layers of compressed wood material with only the top layer being solid wood. This type of parquet is also manufactured from oak, ash, pine and walnut tree material.

Once you have settled on the height and length of your blocks, it is time to choose the type of pattern you would like installed. You can choose from:

  • Herringbone;
  • Double Herringbone;
  • Chevron;
  • Mosaics;
  • Basket Weave;
  • Double Basket Weave;
  • Chantilly;
  • Versailles.

Here is How the Parquet Floor Installation is Usually Done

There are three vital steps to the parquet floor installation process:

1. Subfloor preparation

To achieve a flat and professional finish with the parquet laying, one must work on a smooth and stable subfloor base. It is of utmost importance for it to be perfectly dry and even so the many blocks can get carefully arranged in a pattern and fitted together.

Parquet is generally installed either on floorboards or on top of concrete. In the case of floorboards, they must be levelled by adding a layer of plywood or clipboard between them and the parquet blocks.

If you are working with a concrete base, it should be levelled by screeding the surface. The parquet blocks should get laid only once the surface is completely dry.

2. Parquet floor fitting

Once you have selected your pattern, our professionals will continue to secure each parquet block by glueing with the Tongue and Groove method or nailing it to the subfloor base.

The pattern usually starts from the centre of the area outwards, towards the walls. Upon request, a single or double parquet block border could get fitted at the bottom of your walls as well, or you can choose solid decorative wood boards to finish off the look. 

3. Parquet floor sanding and finishing

Parquet blocks are delivered raw and once laid, they must be lightly sanded and then sealed.

Depending on the colour you want our professional parquet flooring fitters will use hardwearing varnish or hardwax oil to seal the blocks. This ensures the longevity of the wood and easier maintenance of your floors.

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