Fence replacement service in Crystal Palace SE19, South East London

Fence repair service we did for our lovely customer Claire at her home in Crystal Palace, SE19.

Team: two gardeners

Time: 1.5 hours

Materials: fence panels, trellises

We met Claire a few months back when a friend recommended our garden maintenance services and introduced Urban Gardeners to her. She reached us to tidy up her garden, and after our initial visit, we maintained her garden regularly.

Recently she asked us to replace two wooden fence panels for her as they were very old, worn off and lost their original colour and protection.

The fence-fixing process got completed in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Delivery of materials and securing of bushes growing around the fence

Our local fitters supplied and delivered two new fence panels to the premises. We carefully chose them with a sun coating and protection to last longer. Before starting the fence installation, our staff secured all flowers and bushes growing next to the fence.

Stage 2: Removal of the old fence

Our Crystal Palace gardeners removed the old fence panels and stacked them. They inspected whether the old posts and brackets needed to be replaced too, but the team assessed they were in reasonably good condition and there was no need to install new ones.

Stage 3: Fitting the new panels

Urban Gardeners' fence builders installed the new panels to the existing wooden posts and mounted them using brackets. After that, all blooming flowers and vegetation were returned back on top of the new fence.

Crystal Palace Fence Repair Results

Our landscaping gardeners completed the fence replacement service within 1.5 hours, and Claire was extremely happy with the results and loved how her new fence looks.

Ready to enjoy a new fence and better privacy?