Hello, we are Urban Gardeners South East London

We've been in business since 2014.

Urban Gardeners South East London company

Urban Gardeners South East London is a small local gardening business based in Eltham SE9, covering and operating within South East London, Bromley, Dartford, Bexley, Bexleyheath, and Orpington.

We are passionate about gardening, and our main goal is to provide the best gardening services and experience out there. We are committed to a long-term relationship with our clients, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed with us.

Each garden we serve and treat with love as our own.

Our Story


Urban Gardeners was founded

Our company was started 9 years ago as a family venture. It was a side project at first, but we quickly learned that we enjoy working outdoors and love providing excellent services and making people happy.


We moved to South East London

Due to personal reasons, we had to move to Eltham, SE9. With the change of houses, we had to start over and quickly find new local clients within our new neighbourhood.


Dreams got even bigger

We grew- skill and staff-wise- in the last couple of years. It was clear that gardening services were only part of the full scope of our capabilities, so we started to do garden landscaping and design services.

We also have added pressure washing to our service portfolio, and we can proudly say that Urban Gardeners is a one-stop shop for all your outdoor needs.

Meet The Team


Chief landscape gardener and surveyor

Our main landscape technician, and you most likely know him if you had an on-site survey with us. He makes sure all gardening and landscaping services go smoothly. The hardest working person, always out there grinding and making clients happy.


Landscaping sales manager and schedule guru

Our garden design, sweetheart. She is answering all landscaping calls and emails, organising the schedule, managing deliveries and dealing with the paperwork. Plami is sending all quotations, so make sure you are kind to her. 🙂


Landscaping specialist

All-around garden design Master.


Landscaping specialist

Garden design wizard. Excel at decking installation, fence repairs and replacement services.


Landscaping specialist

Garden design heavy-lifter, fence installer, lawn laying and repair expert.


Experienced gardener

Garden maintenance/clearance, planting specialist.


Experienced gardener

Garden maintenance/clearance, planting specialist.

Gardening and Landscape Design Certificates

Companies Details

We have segmented our business, and depending on the service you are using (garden maintenance/clearance, regular grounds maintenance, landscaping/garden design), you will receive an invoice from one of the entities below:

Perfect House Services Ltd

company number: 10648750

address: 32 Allenswood Road, London, England, SE9 6RP

account name: Perfect House Services Ltd

sort code: 20-45-45

account number: 60879673

Kerezov Gardeners Ltd

company number: 09584943

VAT number: 404 4372 26

address: 32 Allenswood Road, London, England, SE9 6RP

account name: Kerezov Gardeners Ltd

sort code: 20-25-43

account number: 40622710

Perfect Gardeners Ltd

company number: 10830252

address: 32 Allenswood Road, London, England, SE9 6RP

account name: Perfect Gardeners Ltd

sort code: 30-99-88

account number: 55407460

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