Gardening services in South London
5 Matchless Dr, London SE18 4JF
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We Are Urban Gardeners

Urban Gardeners is a small local gardening business based in Woolwich, SE18 but covering and operating within South East, South West and East London.

We are passionate about gardening and our main goal is to provide the best gardening services and experience out there. We are committed to a long-term relationship with our customers and customer satisfaction is guaranteed with us.

Each garden we serve we treat as our own.

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Urban Gardeners was founded
Our company was started 4 years ago with just two men. It was a side project at first but we quickly found out that we enjoy working outdoors and we love providing good service and make people happy.

We moved to South East London
Due to personal reasons, we had to move to Woolwich, SE18. Among with change of houses, we had to start over and quickly find new local customers within our new neighbourhood.

Dreams got even bigger
The last couple of years we grew. Our gardening passion has attracted more people and from 2 gardeners working as a team, we managed to grow to 6 people split into three teams covering South East, South West and East London.

+ Gardens have been pampered with love so far
% Of our customers recommend us to family and friends
+ Bags of green waste collected and recycled
+ Gardeners working towards your dream garden