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garden maintenance in South East London

We live in a busy world with a fully loaded schedule, and we can do so many things every day. Our expert garden maintenance in South East London is the perfect fit for everyone, whether you are renting out, selling, or owning the place but just can't keep with the garden.

Urban Gardeners' local garden maintenance services are fast, affordable, and efficient. You can schedule a one-time clean-up session to put your garden back in shape or easily set up ongoing maintenance.

Our garden care services are suitable for tenants, landlords, private homeowners, and housing management agencies.

Our Pristine Garden Maintenance Services Near You Include:

  • Lawn mowing - Manage the growth of your grass by removing the top layer to ensure healthier and aesthetically good looking greener and fresher lawn
  • Weeding - Remove and treat any pesky weeds that ruin the landscape of your garden
  • Hedge trimming - pruning, shaping and sizing your hedges;
  • Bush and shrubbery shaping
  • Ivy trimming and maintenance
  • Flower bed care
  • Tree maintenance and removal - Urban Gardeners staff is capable of branch maintenance, crown shaping, severe pruning, and size reduction of all trees within your premises with heights up to 3-4 meters. Tree removal is also possible in the case of a dead tree
  • Garden edging - our South East London gardeners will shape the edges of your garden up to your preferences and ideas
  • Garden Clearance
  • Weed control - Limit weed growth by applying a weed killer solution
  • Green waste removal - There is always a pile of green waste generated at the end of gardening and landscaping services. Urban Gardeners' technicians can collect, dispose and recycle it for you or we can pack it and prepare it for council collection

*Please note quotes for garden waste collection and disposal are given on-site only, depending on the volume of generated greenery.

Garden Maintenance Prices in South East London


First hour

Subsequent hour




Our garden maintenance services in South East London are hourly based. We sent on-site a team of two experienced garden specialists, fully equipped with all garden tools needed. The first hour of maintenance we charge £75, every subsequent hour is another £55.

You can find more info about our garden maintenance prices and other urban gardening services we offer on our pricing page.

First-time clients should book at least a two-hour appointment to ensure enough time for the initial tidy-up. Following maintenance services can get scheduled for just an hour.

Curious About What to Expect From Our Gardening Services in South East London?

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Why Choose Our Local Urban Gardeners in South East London?

  • A team of two experienced gardeners
  • Price includes all tools and equipment
  • Easy to book residential and commercial one-off or regular garden maintenance services in South East London
  • 7-day availability, even on Bank holidays
  • Skilled, polite and flexible
  • Petrol-powered equipment, so no electricity is needed
  • Proven local gardeners in South East London

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does garden maintenance cost?

Our garden maintenance is hourly, so the service cost depends on how much time our gardeners spend working on-site. The price for the first hour of care is £72, and every following hour after that is just £53.

Many factors can affect the price, such as the size of your garden, its current condition, and what needs to be done?

What do you do as a part of your gardening services?

Our garden maintenance service includes lawn mowing, garden edging, weeding, hedge and ivy pruning, bush trimming, tree removal, flower bed care, and pretty much everything that does not involve garden landscaping and design/hyperlink/.

Can I ask gardeners to clean

Absolutely. Our team has pressure washing equipment in the vehicle all the time, so point the area that needs cleaning, and gardeners will do the rest. We charge just £3 per sq.m. for patio cleaning, and there is no minimum charge for service combined with garden maintenance.

Can your staff plant some flowers for me?

Sure. You can provide the flowers, soil, and other planting materials, and our urban gardeners will plant them for you.

If you need us to bring those for you, a detailed list of all planting supplies must be sent to us a couple of days before the service so we can have enough time to purchase and deliver them to your home.

Do I need to provide your team with any gardening tools?

No. Our South East London gardeners will come fully prepared with all the tools needed to perform a fantastic service. They will bring a petrol lawn mower, hedge and grass trimmers, ladder, chainsaw, leaf blower, weeding tools, etc.

What happens if gardeners complete the service earlier?

If our team finish your garden maintenance service faster than expected, we will adjust the price for you and charge only for the time they have worked on-site.

We always recommend our clients to book an hour extra just to be on the safe side as if time is not sufficient, gardeners might not be able to stay longer as they have another appointment after yours. If you are unsure how many hours to book, just contact us /hyperlink/ and send us a couple of photos of your garden, and we will estimate the right amount of hours needed to complete the garden work.

What is your gardening service coverage?

We operate in South East London, Bromley, Dartford, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Orpington and many more.

Check out the full list of all areas we cover.

Can I hire your company to maintain my garden regularly?

Of course, you can. Weekly, fortnightly, and monthly appointments are available upon request.

After the initial tidy-up, our team will advise you how often your garden should be maintained depending on the size, condition, growing vegetation, and needs.

We make it super simple for you, and there is no need to sign any ongoing maintenance contract.

Survey/Viewing notes

We always strive to survey as many gardens as possible, and when it comes to landscaping and garden design or working in large gardens/commercial sites, an onsite visit is a must.

To serve and accommodate our clients fast, we have decided to quote for garden maintenance/clearance based on customer info and photos. Quotations are estimated by our chief landscape gardener and are very accurate. Garden maintenance surveys are subject to a charge.

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