Professional Decking Installation Services in South East London

A well-built decking installation in South East London can tremendously improve the overall looks of your garden landscape. It also adds a finished look to your home and increases its value.

With nine years of experience in decking installation, repairs, protection and maintenance services, you can't go wrong with Urban Gardeners South East London.

We supply and install quality decking solutions to residential and commercial clients all across South East London and surrounding areas.

Most Common Garden Decking Services Requested by Clients

  • Garden decking - The natural extension of your home to the garden. It gives a high aesthetic appeal and warmth to your outdoors. Grab a coffee and relax outside from the cosiness of your own deck;
  • Raised decking - Elevated decks are the perfect fit if there is a big difference in the level of your home and garden. Our South East London decking installers will custom build a bespoke wooden solution that will ease the passage to your outdoors;
  • Terraced decking - If you have plenty of unused roof space, a roof deck is one of the best ways to utilise it. It's a great place to invite guests and enjoy late summer evenings.
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Types of Deckings We Can Build For You

Softwood deckings

Softwood deckings are the most popular choice for garden decks as they offer excellent quality and a natural look to your garden at an affordable cost.

They are easy to manufacture and are produced from fast-growing coniferous and evergreen trees. Softwood timber is simple to install and can last up to 15 years when treated properly.

The cheaper pricing makes this type of decking wildly available and the number one choice for family decks and play areas.

The only downside of softwood boards is that they wear off quickly and requires maintenance every year. If not taken care of adequately and protected the lifespan can be reduced to just 5-10 years.

Hardwood deckings

Hardwood deckings are made of deciduous trees that grow slowly and are harder to produce, which makes them more expensive.

Hardwood timber is easy to maintain and clean and more durable and fire-resistant than softwood deckings. It does not rot and decay and can last up to 20 years but it requires yearly maintenance.

Here is How The Decking Installation Process is Done

Step 1.

Book a FREE on-site visit

Contact us and book a survey with our chief landscaping specialist. He will come and inspect the area Free of charge.

Step 2.

Welcome our decking specialist

You can show our decking technician around on the day and share your project ideas with him. He will take the measurements and give you some tips if needed.

Step 3.

Receive a quotation

Our decking designer will calculate all costs and, within three business days, will send you a detailed including labour, materials, delivery, waste disposal and recycling.

Step 4.

Choose a starting date

After confirming all service details, we will agree and mark in the calendar date and time of arrival.

Step 5.

Decking installation time

It's time to build your new garden decking. We will send a team of professional decking installers with all the necessary tools and equipment to complete the project. They will supply and deliver all materials needed for the work. Once you welcome the team and provide them access, you can leave them to do their magic and come back to inspect after the decking service is completed.

Step 6.

Enjoy your new decking

It's time to relax and test your new decking.

Why Choose Urban Gardeners?

  • FREE garden decking survey and on-site consultation
  • Full service based on your ideas and vision
  • Competitive decking installation quotes and affordable pricing so that we can meet any budget
  • 7-day availability, even on Bank holidays
  • Experienced, local and fully-insured decking installers in South East London
  • Skilled and experienced professionals
  • We cover and operate in all areas in South East London, plus surroundings

Ready to relax on a new decking

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