Professional Turfing Services in South East London For a Green Eden

turfing services South East London

Urban Gardeners’ turfing services in South East London are the only ones you’ll need to get that beautiful garden you’ve always dreamed about!

You don’t have to worry about finding the time, doing the work, sourcing all the materials and buying expensive tools and equipment you won’t ever use again. Leave the hard work to the experts and enjoy the results.

Lawn Laying And Artificial Grass Installation Are Most Often Done When You:

  • Moved into your new home, and you’re facing some of the bad decisions the previous owners made - Whether you’d like to enjoy the comfort of your private green area or make it safer and nicer for your children or your pets – we’re here to help! A simple lawn laying can change the whole aesthetic of your home and increase the time you and your family spend outside;
  • Need a little pick-up in certain grass areas in spring - We are happy to assist with both large turfing projects, lawn replacement services and small patchwork fixes. You don’t have to seed and wait, Urban Gardeners South East London will provide real or faux grass as soon as you need it;
  • Have invested in a rental property and want to increase its market value by adding a beautiful lawn to the list of benefits;
  • Realise the area is unsuitable for seeding, and laying turf is your only option due to the layout of your yard or other circumstances outside your control.

How is The Turf Laying Service Done?

  • Area preparation and clean up - The preparation for laying turf and the clearing of the garden are the first steps we take once we’ve taken on your lawn project. Our professional turfing contractors will firstly remove any old grass, weeds, unwanted plants, seeds, stones and waste from your garden area;
  • Levelling - Once the area gets cleaned, our landscape gardeners will level the ground and, if necessary, re-adjust the slope and fill in open fields or holes. Most of your garden soil will get redistributed to create an even level;
  • Soil turnover - Garden turfing would be impossible without the most essential step of all – turning over the soil. This is done by hand for smaller areas or with the help of a cultivator. A minimum of 10 inches of the top layer of the soil must be turned over and aerated for the turf to successfully root down and grow well;
  • Adding extra topsoil - A fresh layer of topsoil is added to enrich your existing one and ensure the successful laying of the turf rolls;
  • Turf laying - Fresh rolls of green and healthy grass can get installed on the already prepped and even ground in less than a day! Welcome your friends and neighbours over and enjoy them marvelling at your green thumb. We won’t tell;
  • Maintenance advice - To ensure your newly installed turf's long and healthy life, we will provide expert advice on maintaining it properly, so it lasts a while. Upon completion of the service, our professional garden designer will give you all the free tips and tricks you need to quickly and efficiently take care of your new garden.

The Benefits of Having an Artificial Turf Over Real Grass

We understand that even though our lawn laying services will ease your work in getting and caring for a real lawn, this still may seem like too much work for you.

If that’s your case, or your outside space is too shady to grow anything in, or you prefer the look – we can also help you with artificial grass installation.

The astroturf is the perfect solution for a busy lifestyle when you still want to enjoy the look of greenery outside your window. It is also extremely accommodating for families with children and pets!

The Artificial Grass Installation Service in a Nutshell

  • Area clean up - Clearing the area of plants, weeds, stones and anything else that doesn’t belong there.
  • Establishing a base – Landscape gardeners will level the area and cover it with sand as a base and compact it in.
  • Anti-weed membrane laying - To prevent any weeds and plants from coming through, we will install an anti-weed sheet to help keep your astroturf in place.
  • Ensuring strength - To achieve stability and security of your artificial grass layers, we will combine a frame of joists and sharp sand so the sheets can get securely fixed.
  • Artificial turf installation of your choice - Colour, length of the grass and feel of the strands can all be customised and preselected from you to get exactly what you envisioned;

Simple Steps to Get And Enjoy a New Real/Faux Turf

Step 1.

Book a survey

Once you’ve decided between real and artificial turf, we will be more than happy to organize a FREE survey with a landscape gardener of ours.

Step 2.

Meet the garden designer

Show our specialist around, so he can take measurements and discuss the project with you. He will share his professional opinion and help you make any difficult decisions.

Step 3.

Receive a quotation

We will send you a written quotation within three business days after our visit, including all labour, purchase and delivery of materials, and waste disposal.

Step 4.

Mark your calendar and enjoy our turfing services South East London results

Pick a date, and enjoy quick and professional service at competitive turf laying prices.

Curious About What Kind of Results to Expect From Our Lawn Laying Services?

Why Choose Urban Gardeners South East London?

  • FREE survey and on-site consultation
  • Full service based on your ideas and vision
  • Competitive quotes and affordable pricingso we can meet any budget
  • 7-day availability, even on Bank holidays
  • Experienced, local and fully-insured turf layers in South East London
  • Skilled and experienced professionals
  • We cover and operate in all areas in South East London, plus the surroundings

Ready to enjoy a fresh lawn?

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