Expert Lawn Mowing and Care Services in South London for Your Home and Business

lawn care services South East London

Here at Urban Gardeners South East London, we know how much a good-looking and healthy lawn means to you. It increases the overall look and value of your home, but most importantly, a green lawn creates a safe place for children and family outdoor fun.

To match all your turf needs, we offer a wide range of affordable lawn maintenance and care services.

Lawn Maintenance Services

  • Residential lawn mowing - Enjoy neatly cut, healthy, fresh grass with our proficient domestic lawn mowing services. Our staff ensures great results using petrol-powered compact lawnmowers designed for optimal performance in the urban environment
  • Commercial lawn mowing - Ensure a professional-looking and tidy industrial landscape with Urban Gardeners' custom-tailored grass cutting service for business. You have only one shot at making a great first impression when clients and facility users arrive at your location  
  • Lawn edging Our lawn care experts neatly trim the edges of your grass to aesthetically match your garden style and your personal preferences

Regular lawn mowing and edging appointments can be set up weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on your needs and season.

Lawn Care and Repair Services

  • Fertilising - Seasonal lawn feeding to enhance the colour of your grass and significantly reduce weeds and moss. Grass fertilising is usually done in late spring
  • Lawn aeration One of the worst enemies of your lawn is soil compacting. It suffocates the grass making it hard to absorb all nutrients from the ground. Aeration is a process that opens the soil back up and allows nutrients to get down to the root zone, improving oxygen levels and allowing your lawn to access it and grow healthy. The best time to aerate your turf is early spring or late fall
  • Killing Moss - Moss removal can be a very time-consuming and annoying process, especially if you don't have any previous experience dealing with it. It usually appears on damp, shady or poorly drained lawns. Let our turf experts treat your grass with the proper solutions and rejuvenate its glory in no time
  • Overseeding - The easiest and fastest technique to repair patchy areas in your lawn without laying it from scratch. It is done by planting grass seeds directly into the soil and is a great way to improve your lawn's density
  • Top-Dressing - Spreading a thin layer of a unique topsoil mix that helps lawns recover after the winter. The process levels the lawn surface and smoothes out any imperfections. Top-dressing also improves nutrients naturally in the soil and its drainage

How Our Lawn Care and Mowing South East London Services Works?

Urban Gardeners' lawn maintenance and mowing services are hourly, which means you pay only for the time worked on-site. 

A team of two fully equipped, experienced garden specialists carry out the work. For the first hour of service, we charge £72, and every subsequent hour is another £53.

More information about our garden maintenance and landscaping rates you can find on the price page.

We quote only after performing a FREE on-site visit when it comes to lawn repairs and care services. Every lawn is unique, and to deliver the best results possible, a personalised approach and treatment is a must. 



Lawn maintenance

£72 for first hour and £53 for every other hour

Lawn care and repairs

First-time clients should book at least a two-hour appointment to ensure enough time for the initial tidy-up. Following maintenance services can get scheduled for just an hour.

*Please note estimates for green waste collection and disposal are given on-site only, depending on the volume of generated greenery and clippings.

Why Choose Urban Gardeners?

  • Residential and commercial lawn mowing and care services
  • One-off or ongoing appointments available
  • Pay-as-you-go services, no annual contract is required
  • Personalised treatment tailored to your needs
  • Your property value increases the initial value
  • A team of 2 experienced gardeners
  • Price includes all tools and equipment
  • 7-day availability, even on Bank holidays
  • Local, skilled and experienced lawn specialists

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