Garden Tidy Up and Mulch Installation Services in Tooting SE17, South West London

Garden maintenance and mulch laying services our team did for a private client in Tooting SW17, South West London.

Team: two gardeners

Time: 8 hours

Materials: anti weed sheet, mulch

Our customer found Urban Gardeners' website while looking for a local company to clean up her garden and suggest some design changes.

We surveyed the site, and our landscape specialist offered to clear all weeds, install an antiweed membrane, and cover the area with mulch. It's a low-maintenance solution as our client is quite busy and does not have time to deal with the pesky weeds continuously invading the place.

Our client said the quotation we sent was within her budget and set up an appointment.

The garden maintenance and mulching services got completed in three stages.

Stage 1. Garden Care and Tidy Up

Our South West London gardeners cut down all tall weeds using grass trimmers. After clearing those, they manually removed the small ones growing between the paving, soil, and side flower beds.

The team also got rid of all vegetation from the gravel path and garden pots.

Stage 2. Installing Anti Weed Fabric

After preparing the area, our staff laid a weed-suppressing membrane to prevent the pesky weeds from growing back.

Stage 3. Mulch Laying

The final step of the service was to spread the mulch on top of the weed barrier shield and cover it entirely. Of course, the gardeners packed and took away all green waste generated from the service.

Garden Maintenance and Mulch Laying in Tooting SW17 Outcome

We finished the garden tidy-up and transformation in just one day, and our client was very pleased with the new looks of her outdoor area.

It's neat, tidy, and the low-maintenance design perfectly matches her busy lifestyle. She can have coffee and BBQs outside without worrying about weeding, cutting whatsoever.

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