Garden Care Service in Forest Hill SE23, South East London

Front and back garden maintenance our team did for John at his home in Forest Hill SE23, South East London.

Team: two gardeners

Time: 5.5 hours

Materials: no

John is our regular client and has used our gardening services twice per year since 2019. Back then, he found our website while looking for local and experienced gardeners serving his neighbourhood.

During this session, our technicians had to perform an initial tidy-up of both gardens and prepare them for the season.

The gardening service got completed in three stages.

Stage 1. Back Garden Clean Up

The back garden was so overgrown with nettle and brambles that it was impossible to see the evergreen shrubs next to the shed.

Our Forest Hill gardeners did some heavy cutting to remove the pesky weeds, and after reaching the bushes, they pruned and shaped them carefully.

Stage 2. Front Garden Maintenance

At the front, our garden experts cut back and shaped the hedges, mowed and edged the lawn.

Gardeners also pruned the hedges on both sides of the path and manually removed all weeds from the raised beds.

There were also quite a lot of fallen leaves from the winter, which our team blew and swept.

Stage 3. Garden Rubbish Clearance

Since both gardens were overgrown, we generated lots of green waste. The guys filled nine jumbo bags and took them away to recycle as per the client's request.

Garden Tidy-up in Forest Hill SE23 Outcome

The garden care service got completed in five and a half hours, and John was delighted with how good and tidied the areas looked. It was fun working at his property, and we look forward to seeing him again.

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Project details




Forest Hill, SE23

Price after completion

£668 (£263 labour + £405 waste collection)