Garden Clean-Up Service in Herne Hill SE24, South East London

Seasonal garden pruning service we did for Aileen at her home in Herne Hill, SE24.

Team: two gardeners

Time: 5 hours

Materials: no

Aileen found us searching for a reliable garden company in Herne Hill. She stumbled upon our website and submitted a request to visit her place and completely clear her garden as she did not have the time to maintain it lately, and it was full of pesky weeds and tall brambles. 

Everything growing apart from the fence ivy and two trees had to go, and the garden had to get cleaned up and ready for future landscape.

Our experienced landscaped gardeners turned up on the day, and before starting the work, they inspected the garden state as we always do before each service.

A fun fact is that our team found a shed at the bottom of the garden hidden below the overgrown and massive ivy. Our client requested to further reduce the volume of the ivy growing and keep the garden trimming price as low as possible.

The clean-up was completed in 3 stages:

Stage 1. Removal of all brambles and weeds

Our Herne Hill gardeners first reduced the height of all brambles and weeds with a trimmer and then uprooted them to prevent them from growing back. Aileen was quite worried that thorny shrubs would come back in time, but our team removed them from the roots, which reduced the chance for them to grow back to a minimum and provide a permanent effect.

Stage 2. Ivy and tree maintenance

Gardeners maintained both trees in the garden, and then it was time for some heavy ivy trimming. Lots of ivies had to get pruned from the fence and top of the shed. Once we had access to the shed, our team dismantled it and removed it as per Aileen's request.

Stage 3. Green waste packing and recycling

At the end of the service, gardeners packed the generated green waste in bags. They took them away to recycle the shed wood boards, and leftovers got moved and organised to another part of the garden so we could keep the garden clearance costs down.

Garden Trimming Results in Herne Hill

Aileen's garden pruning service was completed in 5 hours, including packing the green clippings. She was very pleased with the work we have done for her and even sent us an email to thank the whole team personally. 

If you are in a similar situation and large weeds, bamboo, or brambles are invading your garden, just call us or send an inquiry and Urban Gardeners South East London will save the day.

Ready to enjoy a neat and clean garden?